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Trojan Marching Band Alumni Association

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Band Formation Meeting
Trojan Marching Band Alumni Association Formation Meeting
It took half a century, but the Trojan Marching Band finally has an officially sanctioned alumni association. Over the years, we’ve had several support groups – with varying degrees of success – and Dr. Bartner will acknowledge that this organization is something he should have pushed for years ago. In any event, our time has come. The foundation for the Trojan Marching Band Alumni Association was laid in June, 2019, when an enthusiastic crowd of close to 70 Trojan Marching Band alumni, former drum majors, band managers, and other key personnel living fairly close to campus were invited to attend an initial formation meeting on campus. Attendees were also asked to serve as initial ambassadors to provide direction and take responsibility for specific areas of leadership. Long-time band supporters Marty Lichtmann and Rick Nordin served as co-chairs for the steering committee and led the first steps toward making the TMBAA a reality. Old friends and new friends, making up five decades of the TMB family, gathered with one goal in mind – to contribute to the continuing success of the Spirit of Troy. We became officially sanctioned (the good kind of sanction, not the NCAA kind) by USC in October, 2019. Our bylaws clearly lay out our mission.
“…to secure the traditions and spirit of the TMB; to promote camaraderie and social interaction among TMB alumni; to engage TMB alumni in volunteer activities; and to build the TMB’s base of annual financial support.”
In short, to support and keep the traditions alive and have fun while doing it. The TMBAA encourages membership and participation from every Spirit of Troy alum – from those pioneers who marched in the pre-Bartner era, to those who learned to “drive it” over the past 50 years, to those who graduated last year. We are truly One Band, no matter when we marched or worked behind the scenes. We share a common legacy, bonded by games, gigs, trips and a camaraderie in all its forms. It’s up to all of us to continue that tradition. The TMBAA invites all members to participate in any of its six standing committees. You’ll find those committees and their leaders listed in the Directors section of this site. The committees are chaired by board members and, to encourage broad participation, committee membership is open to TMBAA members. We are also working to have a band alum active in every USC alumni group. As founding president Rick Nordin said during the formation process, “This will be a volunteer-supported organization. It will require a cohort of 200 active volunteers who are willing to do hands-on work.” Join us. And Fight On!

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