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Board Officers

Marty Lichtmann


Baritone, 1972-1976
Former manufacturing business CEO; married his band sweetheart and one of their sons become a member of the TMB, he was drum major for two years and married his band sweetheart. Dr. B accused him of not knowing his right foot from his left… he was probably correct.

Betsey Dillon

First Vice President

Clarinet, 1977-1981
Entrepreneur, product designer and merchandiser. Mom of a Trojan and a Husky. Took my USC business degree and started my own apparel label at 28. Many of our designs were featured in movies and television: “Fight Club,” “MTV,” “Friends,” “The Bachelor,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” “The Nanny,” etc. Ready to lend my collegiate licensing experience to developing TMBAA merchandise to support TGMBITHOTU! Favorite TMB memories: Chatting with Stevie Nicks inside Fredrick’s of Hollywood before playing for the Fleetwood Mac Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony; performed live at the Forum for the Tusk! tour; back-to-back Rose Bowls ’79 and ’80. More likely to be on the Study Bus than playing Roller Band.

Howie Szabo

Second Vice President

Trombone, 1977-1981
Real estate investor, attorney and broker.

Lisa Rapp


Baritone and mellophone, 1975-1979
I received my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1979 and have nearly 40 years of public works experience. I’ve recently retired, after serving the city of Lakewood, Calif., for 31 years — with 26 as the public works director. Met my husband Richard (trumpet) while getting on the bus to go to band camp as freshmen in August, 1975.  I was one of the members who had to change instruments when Dr. Bartner eliminated baritones, so I switched to mellophone.  We’re very proud to have two sons who are USC TMB trumpets.  A devoted Trojan for life, I’m an active mentor for civil and environmental engineering and public policy students at USC and a member of Town and Gown.

Javier Ortega


Trumpet, 2001-2005
Southern California native with 15 years’ professional service experience in banking, mortgage lending, credit analysis, and tax compliance. I am a CPA at a global professional service firm in Los Angeles. I joined the TMB at the beginning of the Coach Carroll Trojan football era. It was a tremendous privilege to march under the direction of Dr. Bartner for four years. One of my favorite memories is performing the National Anthem at the 2004 Rose Bowl, directed by John Williams, after marching a six-mile parade.

Rick Nordin

Immediate Past President

Baritone, 1971-1976
Spent over 40 years in nonprofit development and administration, 17 years on staff at USC and as vice president at two other local universities. Credits Art Bartner with being his first nonprofit boss when he was appointed band manager in 1975-76, the year of the second trip to Notre Dame and the Liberty Bowl. Lives in DTLA with his partner, Chris Reyes. A different side of Rick: His love for LA history. Author of the local history book “The Iron Fist,” an immigrant’s story to wealth and power.

At Large Board Members

Craig Steele

Personel Chair

Trombone, 1980-1984
Attorney. Parlayed four years in the band into 32 years of marriage and an offspring who is currently marching in the band. 

Gretchen Heffler

Member Outreach Chair

Trumpet, 1974-1981
It is often hard to leave USC, so after graduate school I became part of the university annual giving staff. After my 10-year stint in development at USC, I pursued my love of music and travel, producing international music festivals and performance tours. Traveling the globe, even touring with the TMB in 2000 to Australia and New Zealand. I then spent most of my career as a major gifts officer with the Salvation Army, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, California Outdoor Heritage Alliance, Ducks Unlimited and MSGI Direct. TMB highlight: I stayed an extra week in Hawaii, right before the Rose Bowl, came back to rehearsal and marched the parade and game.  


Michael Runzler

Communications Chair

Clarinet, 1971-75
Semi-retired communications consultant. Former reporter and corporate communications professional. Annoyed Dr. Bartner with tell-all stories about TMB road trips that appeared in the Daily Trojan.

Steve Ortiz

Event Chair

Tenor Sax, 1987-1992 and Section Leader/Band Manager
Finance and accounting professional for over 25 years.  Currently controller at Walton Isaacson. Perpetual thorn in Dr. Bartner’s side until Dr. Bartner grudgingly made him band manager. Only tenor sax on the trip to Pullman, Washington, in 1989 that began the streak of the TMB attending every USC Football game, home or away.

Andre Vleisides

Trombone, 2011-15 and Section Leader
Pianist, songwriter, performer, and certified showman, I worked as an academic advisor at USC for five years after graduating with a BA in psychology. Now pursuing a career in music, I frequently perform in the Southern California region, playing piano and keyboards solo and in various bands, accompanying the LANDLIGHTS Community Choir, and writing and recording songs with a variety of artists in genres from pop and rock to jazz and new age piano. I recently went on a national music tour, performing original music in Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, and other cities. I attended every USC home game from 2011-2020 and am known for my spirited energy, approachable demeanor, and my famous cardinal and gold sequined jacket.

Azya Jackson


Clarinet, 2000-2005
I graduated from USC in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in civil (environmental) engineering. Today I work on wastewater for the City of Los Angeles and am part of several water organizations. I can confirm it’s a long way to Westwood. I stayed on to be a teaching assistant for a year but came back to assist the band. You’ll often see me helping the band in some way as part of the current prop crew. 

Bob Campos

Canon Thomas

Song Girl 2013 and Mellophone 2014-2016
I started my TMB career as a USC Song Girl before joining the dark side as a horn for TGMBITHOTU. My favorite memories are of traveling with the band, doing laps every time Dr. Bartner yelled at the Song Girls, playing “Tusk” on repeat through chapped lips, and rushing the field after beating Stanford (sucks) in 2013. Since graduating, I have worked in the wine industry, currently as an account executive for a fine wine distributor. I’ve recently been awarded the distinction of French Wine Scholar with the highest honors. While I live in Orange County, I often spend time with family in my hometown of Carlsbad in San Diego County. 

Dan Beintema


Trumpet, 1979-1981
Former Naval Officer and carrier aviator. Retired from City of Chula Vista as an executive manager; career continues as President of the USS Midway Foundation. Prepared and finalized the field charts for half-time shows for Dr. ‘Arc’ Bartner during tenure, and was a member of the tiny group who initiated the iconic lyrics to the end of “Tusk”, dishonoring the cross-town wannabes.

Daniel Barcenas


Trombone, 1979-1981
Global Supply Chain Management Consultant

Don Townswick

Trumpet, 1985-1988
Head of equities at Conning Inc. in Hartford, CT. My team and I invest stock portfolios for our clients. I transferred into USC and missed the Olympic band, but did get to play a fanfare horn at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 1984. As for memories: All the bay area trips were awesome! I remember watching the Bears crush the Patriots in 1986 on a trip to San Fran while drinking with friends out on Fisherman’s Wharf. The Citrus Bowl and Rose Bowl trips in 87-88 were highlights too, along with the Notre Dame trips!

Jan Berkeley

Silk, 1983-1986 and 1998-2000
Returned to the TMB in 1998 to become the silk TA and lead the alumni silks.  Worked in systems and computer engineering. I also perform dance with an over 50s dance team and with my high school alumni drum section.

Joan Mullins


Silk, 1981-1982
Retired Catholic School Principal ADLA.  Named child Troy Thomas and he was born on the day that OJ was cruising the freeway.

John Patrick Lopez

Drumline, 1990-1994

Kathleen Karl

Flag/silk, 1978-1980
Born in Los Angeles and lived there for 30 years, graduating from USC in 1981 with a BA in communications from Annenberg. My current home is in Portland, Oregon, where I’ve lived for 33 years. I’ve had careers in special education, retail management, banking, and finance, and currently work as an inclusion provider, helping young adults develop life skills to live and work on their own. I’m looking forward to flying to Chicago for the Notre Dame trip in 2023. My first and only game there was in 1979. I have cousins back there and it’s time to reconnect.

Kevin Deady

Kirk Lynch

Clarinet, 1984 – 1988 and 2019
Clinical pharmacist for large managed health care organization. Enjoy travel, rock concerts and games. Eternally young at heart having just marched the Holiday Bowl. Does that make me the oldest person ever to march on the field in uniform?

Lacey Nolz

Ray Camacho

Horn, 1982-1986

Rhonda Rogers


Alto Sax, 1972-1975
Volunteer Relations Chair
Former broadcast journalist and later technology sales professional. Mother of Ashley (Kuhnert) Hatcher, second generation TMB alumni. Learned miracles happen while raising money for the first Notre Dame trip in 1973, and the come-from-behind football game of SC over Notre Dame, 55-24 in 1974.

Rick Cox

Trumpet, 1981-1984 and TMB Assistant Director
Started with the band in 1981 and never left, although I did graduate from USC in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts in Trumpet Performance. Was a squad leader, section leader, and TA. Also:10-piece director from 1986-1998; member of the Lakers Band from 1981-1986; director of the Lakers Band in 1986. Performed in the 1984 Olympic band (including the venue band for boxing and basketball) and in the All-American College Band for President Reagan’s second inauguration in Washington, D.C. Performed in the opening ceremonies for Euro Disney in France and have appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. My most recognizable role is the close up of my foot stepping on the remote in “The Naked Gun.”

Rylee Epperson


Alto Sax, 2014-2017 and TMB General Manager, 2017
The youngest member of the TMBAA Board of Directors, I proudly marched from 2014-2017, served as the 2017 TMB general manager, and began my efforts to give back to the band program as the alto saxophone teaching assistant in 2018 and 2019. As a healthcare professional at USC’s Student Health Center, my on-field contributions were cut short by my efforts to ensure campuswide safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope to reintegrate into the TMB soon! My vision for the future of the TMBAA centers on building meaningful relationships with the TMB seniors each season, offering them the guidance and opportunities of the TMBAA as they enter their freshman year out in the real world.

Please reach out, I’m happy to meet you!

TikTok: 3agerBeaver
IG: rylee_epperson
Twt: rylee-epperson

Steve Smith

Trombone, 1973-77 and Band Manager 1976-1977
I’m an attorney for a federal banking agency; married a flag.

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