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Keeping up with TMBAA Alumni

Madi Nordn

Richard Nordin – Baritone/Tuba/Band Mgr 1976

Spent the last 20 months organizing and successfully launching the TMBAA. “The biggest change in my life was getting a rescue dog named Mati. She’s gotten my daily walk up to a new high and is a sweetie.”

Roger Dhesi – Bass Drum, 1974

Funeral services for Roger Dhesi, the original bass drummer who put the Boom! in Ching-Boom, were held in Sacramento on Dec. 29. TMB alums Bob Theemling, Rick Farris, Kirk Lynch & Michael Runzler served as pall bearers as the service concluded with the playing of “All Hail.” Fight On forever, Roger.

Rhonda Rogers – Alto Sax 1975

Welcomed the newest member of her Trojan Family, who debuted in Beijing, China on May 20. “Meet Amelie Mei Hatcher, my granddaughter, and Ashley (Kuhnert) Hatcher’s (class of ’11) daughter. Ashley and husband Graham now live in Kunming, China, and grandma has only met Amelie via Zoom”

Debra Gearing – Clarinet 1978

Can tell you everything about being a poll worker. “That’s just one of the many random skill sets lifeguards for LA County are learning. Not quite sure how this exactly helps my resume, but I get overtime for more than 40 hours in a week! Fight On!! And don’t forget to vote!”