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A Clown, an Actor and an Astronaut Show Up On a Football Field …

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It’s no joke. Over the years, the Spirit of Troy has played halftime tributes to an eclectic group of USC alums whose careers couldn’t be more diverse. Joining them were a musician/molecular biologist and an NBA team owner. Quite a group. They’re all featured in this week’s Classic Spirit of Troy Halftime video. For more, read below.

In addition, this week’s ARTCAST recalls the 1984 football season, when the song girls had a familial tie to Dr. Bartner, who subjected them to taking a lap because, well, because he could. As for the football team, it was another trip to the Rose Bowl, this time as an underdog against Ohio State.

You can check it all out on the USC Band YouTube channel.

Now back to our halftime stars:

After earning his bachelor’s degree from USC, Will Ferrell started his acting and comedy career on Saturday Night Live before starring in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” “Talladega Nights,” “Elf” and “Old School.” We think his best role was honorary drum major for the TMB.  

What do you do with advanced USC degrees in biology and molecular biology? If you’re Dexter Holland, you form your own rock band and produce the hit single, “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” now a TMB staple at football games. Oh, and he’s also a licensed pilot.

That rockin’ band belting out tunes at Lakers games? You can thank former Lakers owner Jerry Buss for that. The USC alum with master’s and Ph.D  degrees in physical chemistry purchased the team and, at his request, the Laker Band was formed, composed of TMB members and billed as the only band of its kind in the NBA.

You may not immediately recognize his name, but you’d certainly recognize his red hair. Larry Harmon brought Bozo the Clown to television in the 1950s, living and breathing the character throughout his life. Quite a career for a guy who majored in theater and was a TMB drum major.

What do you do after becoming the first man to walk on the moon? Among other things, Neil Armstrong attended USC to earn a master’s degree and went on to teach aerospace engineering and was appointed to help investigate the Apollo 13 accident and the Challenger explosion and tragedy.

Amazing careers. Amazing alums. Amazing halftime shows. Check it out.

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